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What are Ontario G1 and G2 Licences Restriction?


In Canada, every driver has to go through the three tier graduated licensing system. This rule was implemented in 1994. G1 Licence is a driver permit that you get after passing the G1 Test. The test is challenging but with preparation and dedication, many candidates score well in the first attempt.

G1 Licence exposes you to various opportunities and a new set of responsibilities. After G1 Licence, you are eligible to apply for G2 and then Full G Licence. However G1 and G2 come with certain limitations which we will discuss here.

Applying for G1 Licence

Not everyone is eligible to apply for it. FIrst you need to be 16 years of age or more. You also have to thoroughly study the official and updated MTO handbook. After passing your written knowledge exam, you will get a G1 Licence. Many candidates apply for student car insurance as well. The G1 Licence package costs $159.75 which also covers your road test and the five-year licence .


The G1 Licence allows you to hit the road as long as you are under the supervision of an experienced driver in the passenger seat. He should have at least 4 years of experience in driving and hold a Class G Licence. The alcohol level in your blood should not be more than 0%.

You can only carry a few passengers and they should be wearing seat belts. You also can't drive on high speed highways unless you are accompanied by the driving instructor in your passenger seat.

You can also not be listed as primary driver on the insurance agreement if you purchased the car. You are also not allowed to rent the car. This is because you need more time to gain driving experience.

Applying for G2 Licence

In order to apply for a G2 Licence, you need to give a G1 driving test. You can either do it after one year or after 8 months (in case you have completed the government-approved driver's education program).

The test ensures that you know the basics of driving, road rules, laws and driving regulations. Once you have passed this test, you will get a G2 Licence, which gives you more freedom on the road but with certain limitations. Obtaining this licence costs $53.75.


G2 Licence also comes with certain limitations. If you are 18+, you can drive on highways at any time but this rule doesn’t apply to candidates who are under 19. If you are 18, you are not allowed to drive from midnight to 5 AM.

The alcohol level in your body should be 0% during driving and every passenger in your car must wear a seat belt. You should hold this licence for one year, before applying for the Class G Road Test.

After 6 months of holding a G2 Licence, you can carry up to 3 passengers who are under 19 or below.

G Licence

There is no limitation to full class G Licence. If you are under 21, you should maintain a 0% alcohol level in your blood before driving. However If you are over 21, you can maintain a blood alcohol level under 0.8%. G Licence holders are also eligible to purchase the car under their own name. For obtaining a G1 Licence to full class G Licence, it takes 5 years.

Rules for Foreigners

If a candidate has 24 months of driving experience in a foreign country in the last 3 years, he is eligible to take the driving test for full class G Licence directly.

If the candidate has less than 24 months of driving experience, he can bypass some part of the graduated licensing program.

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