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G1 Test : Common Mistakes to Avoid


Passing the G1 Test gives you a lot of opportunities. It makes you eligible for a G2 licence and it also gives you freedom on the road. However, this exam is always challenging with conceptual MCQs. More than 50% of Candidates fail. It's not uncommon for test-takers to make some common mistakes that can lead to anxiety during the test. Here we will discuss common mistakes and tips to avoid them.

Test Format

First, let's delve into the test format. The test has two major sections, each with 20 MCQs. These MCQs cover almost all the topics including road signals, road rules, road scenarios etc. The minimum number of MCQs that you should answer correctly in each section is 16.  It sounds easy but all the questions are challenging.

Lack of Preparation

The official source of preparation is the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Handbook. The book should be prepared and memorized because it covers all the syllabus that is included in an actual G1 exam. Skipping or not thoroughly reviewing the handbook can lead to failing the test.

The best way to deal with it is to make a dedicated study schedule. Cover each topic every day and jot down the important points.

Practicing With Mock Test

Even if you've read the handbook guide to cover the syllabus, not practicing with mock tests is another pitfall. The G1 practice test can help you to evaluate yourself. The mock test simulates an actual exam with similar MCQs and difficulty level. It is recommended to isolate yourself from everyone and give all of your undivided attention to the mock quiz.

While practicing with mock tests, keep in mind that the actual G1 test may not include these exact same questions, but they can include similar ones that share the same underlying concepts. As you go through the mock quiz, remember to understand the concept behind each answer. This will equip you to solve challenging conceptual MCQs in an actual Ontario G1 Test.

Identify Your Weak Areas

Try to avoid rote memorization otherwise it will lead to confusion in answering the challenging questions. There might be a few topics that you find difficult to memorize in the MTO handbook and also mock quizzes. Focus on such topics and give more time to them daily.

Misinterpreting Questions

The G1 test questions are often designed to be nuanced. Rushing through them without careful consideration can lead to incorrect answers. There is no time duration for the G1 test. It is recommended to read questions more than once and extrapolate every information you find there. Understand the scenario presented, and take a moment to think before choosing an answer.

Ignoring Road Signs and Signals

Road signs and signals make up a significant portion of the test. They are presented in scenario-based questions. The best way to learn all of them is to revise a few of them daily. You can also learn a lot of road signs and symbols through mock tests

Stay Humble in Your Preparation

Stay humble in your preparation, and continue to study and practice even if you feel confident. Overconfidence can lead to careless mistakes. Some individuals assume they know the material well enough and do not prepare thoroughly.

Nervousness and Test Anxiety

Nervousness and panic attacks during the test are common. It can lead to answering most of the questions wrong. Make yourself calm, take long breaths and have a strong faith in your preparation. In case you fail, do not worry, you can always take this test again.

Bottom Line

The G1 test isn’t about preparing and knowing the test. It's also about avoiding common pitfalls that can lead to failure. Keep in mind that passing the G1 test is crucial for obtaining a licence. The more mistakes you avoid, the more you are one step closer to gaining independence on the road.

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