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Common Mistakes to Avoid on the G1 Driving Test


The G1 driving test can indeed be intimidating for some. The driving examiner accompanies you throughout the entire test and notices every action you take. Passing this driving exam is the biggest moment of your life because your dream to become a responsible and safe driver depends on it. Many candidates who have dedicated ample time to practice are unable to pass this exam due to some common mistakes.

Skipping Essential Vehicle Checks

Before the driving test begins, you'll be required to perform certain vehicle checks, such as adjusting mirrors, testing signals, and ensuring your vehicle is in safe working condition. Neglecting these checks can result in immediate failure.

Seat Belts

Wearing a seatbelt is an important ritual before you start to drive. Many candidates wear seat belts but forget to tell other passengers in the same vehicle to fasten the seat belt.

Traffic Lights

Pay close attention to traffic lights. Many candidates tend to stop their vehicles not just at the red light, but also slightly over the demarcation line rather than behind it.

Ignoring Speed Limits

Different areas have different speed limits. You can neither overspeed nor drive slow. Observe the speed limit signs on board and drive accordingly.

Failing to Yield Right of Way

Misjudging situations where you should yield the right of way to other vehicles or pedestrians is another frequent error. Not giving them a way can be dangerous and lead to accidents.

Not Observing the Mirror

Observing the side and rear-view mirrors can ensure safety and prevent accidents.

RoundAbout and U-Turn

A lot of people get confused at roundabouts and at U-Turn. Remember to keep your vehicle in your lane and give way to the vehicle that reaches first at the intersection.

Lack of Signal Use

You can communicate with other vehicles through your indicator. Do not forget to press the indicator button when taking turns.

Braking too Hard

Learn to drive smoothly. Breaking too hard can not only lead to accidents from behind but also decrease your car's life. However, you can only do that when there is an emergency situation.

Give Way to Pedestrian

Always drive slow whenever you see a pedestrian. Give way to people, if they are crossing the road. It is mandatory to pay close attention to crosswalks and anticipate pedestrians.

Overtaking From the Left Side

In Canada, it's essential to adhere to road rules, and overtaking from the left side is the standard practice on highways. Changing lanes from the right side can be dangerous and is against the traffic regulations.


Tailgating or reducing the distance between your car and front vehicle can lead to an accident and death. It also reduces your reaction time and increases the risk of collisions.

Poor Parallel Parking

The Inability to parallel park correctly is a notable mistake during the G1 driving test. Poor parking skills can result in penalties.

Ignoring Blind Spots

Failing to check blind spots while changing lanes or merging onto highways is a significant mistake. Not being aware of vehicles in your blind spots can lead to accidents.

Bringing a Faulty Vehicle

Another mistake some test-takers make is arriving for the G1 driving test with a vehicle that has known mechanical issues or malfunctions. This can impact your driving performance and can cause safety issues.


Many Candidates are good drivers but they fail the test because of confusion. Do not panic. Stay calm and do not let fear test overtake you.

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