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Increase your chances of passing the G1 written test

If you’re nervous or worried about passing your G1 test, our free Ontario G1 practice tests will help. It’s scientifically proven that practice tests improve test outcomes. Persons who use practice tests to study for their Ontario driver’s license exam show they have a higher pass rate than those who don’t. Practice tests like ours are the best way to get ready for your written test. So, boost your confidence and pass on your first try with our 1000+ free G1 practice test questions.


G1 Test Questions Made Easy

The Ontario G1 Test requires work. You need to study if you want to complete this first step of the Ontario graduated licensing program. As a beginner driver in Ontario or someone who failed their drivers test before, you should invest in quality prep. But investing doesn’t have to mean just funds. It’s about time and dedication to learn what you need to pass the written test and get your G1 license. With our practice tests, you’ll familiarize yourself with the types of questions and the structure of the G1 test.

You need to prepare. We make it easy. While we can’t guarantee a pass, we know you significantly improve your chances when you practice. Try our G1 quizzes and written practice questions and see how much easier it is to pass your G1 knowledge test.

The Effective Study Method to Ace Your 2023 G1 Test

Take on your G1 test with the confidence of Wayne Gretzky taking a slapshot into the back of the goal.


Get Test Confident

Improve your test confidence 1 question at a time. Studying with practice test questions can help you lose the fear of the unknown and know what to expect on your actual test. No surprises. Breeze through your Ontario G1 rules test and G1 signs test. Pass on your first try.


Flexible Learning

Study on your own time as you want. You can practice on the go and access the tests from any device with an internet connection. Plus, you can study in any order, whether focusing on topics like G1 signs tests, from easy to hard test questions or trying G1 mock exams.


Accessible Free Tests

Take our G1 tests as many times as needed. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn over time, the higher your retention rate, and the better your chances of passing the official test. Our practice test questions are free with all you need to study for the exam.


Updated 2023 Questions

Practice with 2023 G1 test questions. We ensure our questions are based on the most recent official Ontario MTO driver’s handbook. You’ll be better equipped than just studying the handbook only and you won’t missing out on any critical information for your written test.


Solid G1 Test Pass Results

The G1 practice test that delivers a pass. When used right that is. We help first-time test takers to pass on their first try and persons who failed once before to pass on their next attempt – once they consistently complete all our practice test questions and mock G1 tests.


The Perfect Study Guide

G1 practice tests are the ideal complement for the Ontario MTO handbook. They offer questions on all the testable sections of the handbook plus detailed explanations. So, you can learn why an answer is correct and how to apply it no matter how the question is asked.

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These are the G1 driving test practice questions that will help you ace your Ontario driving knowledge test.

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