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Top Rules to Remember for Your G1 Driving Test


Getting a G1 Licence is an exciting journey because it opens the door to G2 and Full Class Licence. The first step is to clear the G1 Test. It is the theoretical test that evaluates how much you can adhere to Ontario's road rules and regulations. The test ensures that you are prepared to be a safe and responsible driver. In case you pass this test, you will be required to take the G1 driving test after 8-12 months. To help you succeed in your G1 test and beyond, we've compiled a list of rules and tips for your Ontario G1 test.

Road Signs and Signals

It is important to understand the road signs and signals. You will encounter various road signs in your actual exam. Learn the meanings and shapes of various signs, including stop signs, yield signs, speed limits, and more. Pay attention to the traffic signals including Red, Green and Yellow light and know how to respond to them.

Speed Limits

The speed limits in various areas of Ontario are never constant. Different areas including populated areas and highways may have different speed limits. Respect posted speed limits at all times. Beware of speed restrictions and adjust your driving accordingly. Over-speeding can cause accidents and lead to penalties.

Right-of-Way Rules

Right-of-way rules can be challenging for many new drivers, particularly for immigrants who come from countries where driving rules prioritize the opposite side of the road. Know the right-of-way rules, such as who has the right to proceed at intersections or when merging onto highways. Give way to pedestrians, emergency vehicles, and other drivers as required by law.

Safe Following Distance

Sometimes, applying the emergency brake while driving can lead to the rear vehicle colliding with the one in front. To prevent this, safe following distance has been introduced in all the countries. Maintain a distance between your vehicle and in front of you. This way, drivers have enough time to react, in case of a sudden stop. Safe distance between two vehicles has saved many lives and prevented many accidents.

No Alcohol or Drugs

Individuals with G1 and G2 Licence should not have any alcohol or drug in their system. Ontario has a zero-tolerance policy for impaired driving.

Seat Belts

Wearing a seatbelt is important for you and also for your passengers. You can fail the driving test if your passengers are not wearing seat belts. Keep in mind that airbags will not deploy unless seat belts are fastened.

No Hand-Held Devices

Using hand-held devices while driving is strictly forbidden. Put your phone away and focus on the road.

School Zones and Community Safety Zones

School zones and community safety zones are heavily populated. Speed limits are lower in these areas to protect children and pedestrians.

Turning and Lane Changes

Understand the rules for turning, lane changes, and signaling your intentions. Learn to communicate with other drivers through the car's indicators and follow proper turning procedures.

Emergency Vehicles

The sirens or flashing lights from emergency vehicles including ambulances and police cars respectively should be given their way on the road. Pull over or change your lane if necessary. Allow these vehicles to pass safely.

Intersection Safety

Approach intersections with caution. Obey traffic signals and signs, and be aware of pedestrians and cyclists. Yield the right-of-way when required.

Don't Lose Confidence

Many people get confused during the driving test as the instructor observes their every move. This pressure can lead to many mistakes during driving. Keep in mind that the instructor is there to evaluate your driving skills. Have faith in yourself and do not lose confidence.

Bottom Line

Passing the G1 driving Test makes you eligible for the G2 Licence. It is easy to score well in this section of the exam. All you need is driving practice and to learn various road rules and road signs. You can learn and memorize these rules through the MTO handbook and also by taking various mock quizzes.

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